Closet Organization Tips from East Coast Organizer


Attention Shoppers!

Maintaining an organized closet can be difficult if your wardrobe is perpetually expanding.

Following the One In, Two Out rule is a great way to not only keep your closet from looking cluttered, but also save money by analyzing how much you truly like or need that new purchase.

The rule is that if you buy something new, you must then discard one or two things to make space. You will begin asking yourself whether you can make room for something new before swiping that credit card.

Have you ever tried on a shirt you haven’t worn in a while, realized it’s no longer your style, so you hung it back up?

I keep a donation basket in my closet to give my unwanted clothes a chance at a new life. This is an easy way to discard in the moment and it always feels good to give back.





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