First-time Homebuyer Tips and Guide

It’s not about buying A home –  It’s about buying YOUR home.

While it’s true that homeownership is a great long-term financial investment, there are many variables to consider and prepare for.

Understanding the buying process helps you set expectations around your wants and needs early on.  What might be a great option for your friend or colleague, may not be the best option for you.

Setting expectations is the best way for us to achieve your goals, together!


Things to Consider

Buying a home is likely the largest purchase you will make in your lifetime.  It can feel like an overwhelming process, but it doesn’t have to be!

Whether you’re buying your first home or starting the homebuying process again, it’s challenging to consider all the things you must know.

Homebuying comes with its own language that you never use anywhere else.

From the difference between prequalified vs pre-approved, mortgage rates, things you shouldn’t do when buying a home, to why it’s important to work with a realtor and deciding whether to rent vs. buy in the first place, the process could quickly overwhelm anyone.

As you break down the steps, it get’s easier!


Free Essential Guide to Buying

To maximize your chances of success and start preparing, download my free buyer’s guide here for a snapshot of the buying process  – from searching and negotiating, to financing and closings, and everything between!


About the Author
Stacy Salvo
Stacy Salvo is a mother, realtor and real estate investor in Southern Maine. She is fueling a passion for real estate and home design, while collecting family memories one adventure at a time.

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