November Home Checklist

It’s hard to believe that it is already November, although I might speak for most when I say we’re ready to have 2020 behind us! Entering November brings hope for the holidays and the new year, but it also brings WINTER! Here are some quick homeowner tips for November. While maintenance is important, so is finding the small joys you love about your home each month!                                                                                                                                     

Survey Walkways and Driveways.  Inspect all walkways, paths and railings. To prevent slips and falls with winter weather, check they’re secure and there are no safety concerns.  Make sure you have a plan for snow removal. 

Remember neighbors could need help this year if family can’t come visit that usually does.  Reach out and offer to lend a hand!  

Ice Melt. Buy and store ice melt with a spreader so you are ready to de-ice when it arrives! Check out Safe Paw- safe for kids and pets and 100% salt free so it won’t damage your property!

Bird Feeders. If you love watching winter birds, set up a feeder pole in your yard with some birdseed.  Chickadees and blue jays will be delighted!

Sump Pump. Check to make sure it’s in working order.  Ice and snow mean water.  Prevent a potential water build up before it starts.

Inspect your Exterior. Remove any remaining fall leaves, look for any exterior repairs that could bring winter problems if not done, loose shingles, siding, gutters, and windows. 

Emergency Kit. Restock emergency kits and add one to your car! Don’t forget bottled water.  Your car should always have blankets and extra snow gear for everyone in your family, so you can stay warm if you are in an accident or break down.

I try to keep an extra change of clothes for each of my kids, and a basket with gloves, hats, and an extra sweatshirt.  Hopefully we will never have an accident, but it definitely comes in handy for those guaranteed times where we open the door and lose a mitten, or something falls in a puddle! 

Firewood.  If you’re lucky enough to have a wood burning fireplace or woodstove, take stock of your firewood inventory. 

Keeping warm is the most important, but it’s also the season for reading by the fire, snuggling under a blanket with a warm drink, playing games, and being thankful for all we have!  I could watch the fire for hours! 

Holiday Prep. Holidays are sure to look different this year, but there are so many ways to celebrate!

Look for my upcoming post about ideas to celebrate the holidays safely during COVID-19.  In the meantime, get started on a COVID-19 safe holiday plan that works for your family.   

Find a way to bring a smile to those that can’t be with loved ones this year, homemade crafts, holiday cards, home deliveries, even a facetime or zoom call goes a long way! 

About the Author
Stacy Salvo
Stacy Salvo is a mother, realtor and real estate investor in Southern Maine. She is fueling a passion for real estate and home design, while collecting family memories one adventure at a time.

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